“Finding Weaknesses Before They Do: Exception-Based Systems and Fraud”, in the John Liner Review, discussing the evolution of exception-based management and reporting systems, their strengths and their weaknesses, including how these systems can produce a false sense of security for organizations.  (Summer 2010, Vol. 24, No. 2).


August 16: Jonathan E. Turner, CFE, CII was interviewed by The Wall Street Journal for "H-P Ouster a 'Teachable Moment'' regarding ethics expectations of senior executives and the view of corporate boards in dealing with various levels of dishonesty in the senior leadership levels in an organization.

May 10: R. A. ("Andy") Wilson, CFE., CPP was interviewed by WMC-TV Channel 5 News regarding telemarketing fraud schemes and assisted in exposing an organization pretending to be associated with law enforcement that was exploiting the community.

April 19: Jonathan E. Turner, CFE, CII was interviewed by Fraud Magazine for "Promote Yourself to the A-Team", regarding internal and external communications regarding fraud events, and providing advice to CFE's seeking to influence corporate fraud response communications.

March 16: Jonathan E. Turner, CFE, CII was interviewed by Compliance Week for "Small Filers Struggle with Internal Controls over Fraud", regarding the implementation of 404(b) requirements and the fraud prevention tools available to small public companies.

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