R. A. (Andy) Wilson, CFE, CPP

For over twenty years, Mr. Wilson has conducted and supervised criminal, civil and financial investigations, both for the government and as a corporate consultant.   He has assisted hundreds of businesses investigate and resolve complex financial schemes involving bank, insurance and corporate fraud; successfully conducting inquiries on a global basis.

He is a Managing Director with Wilson & Turner Incorporated, specializing in corporate fraud and security matters, and has testified as an expert in state and federal courts.   Mr. Wilson was educated at the University of Tennessee (BS, Criminal Justice) and Utica College of Syracuse University (MS, Economic Crime Management).  His background includes law enforcement, covering white-collar investigations for the attorney general; loss prevention management, for an international corporation; and investigations management with an international fraud-consulting firm, prior to co-founding WTI.

Mr. Wilson's major focus includes all areas of financial fraud investigation and employee dishonesty schemes. He is an expert in the area of fidelity insurance claims and recovery, and has assisted financial institutions, corporations and organizations with multi-million dollar recoveries on a national and international basis. In an effort to prevent fraud and provide early warning signs of workplace dishonesty, he designed a 100 Point Fraud Examination, which has been used by companies to detect fraud and abuse.

An active speaker, Mr. Wilson has participated in the development of numerous seminars and instructional courses.  He has spoken at programs for governmental units, including the Federal Financial Institutions Examination Council; and for professional organizations, including the American Management Association, the Bank Administration Institute, the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners, the American Society for Industrial Security, the Institute of Internal Auditors, and the Risk and Insurance Management Society, as well as for private companies. Mr. Wilson serves on the Adjunct Faculty at The University of Memphis and Utica College of Syracuse University.  In addition to lecturing, Mr. Wilson has authored numerous articles about dishonesty and fraud.

Mr. Wilson is a Certified Fraud Examiner ("CFE"), a Certified Protection Professional ("CPP"), and is licensed as a private investigator.  He maintains active membership in the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners; the American Society for Industrial Security where he serves on the Economic Crime Council; and the American Bar Association.